Michael VanDaniker

Data Visualization Architect


I design and build data visualizations and visualization tools.

I work as a tech lead and scrum master at the University of Maryland CATT Lab. I've worked on many of the CATT Lab's projects during my time there, but I've spent most of the last five years working on the Vehicle Probe Project Suite. The Incident Timeline also holds a special place in my heart.

The plot above shows the "" data set from the Time Series Data Library.

Load a new data set.


Using data from my electricity provider and Weather Underground, I visualized the relationship between outdoor air temperature and my home's electricity consumption by hour for an entire year.
A visualization of UCI's "Mushrooms" dataset, which contains identifying info on hypothetical edible and poisonous mushrooms. This one might just save your life one day. Built in Tableau.
A comparison matrix showing correlations between different statistics for each team over the course of the 2008 NFL season.
The visualization demonstrates the ComparisonMatrix Flex component using data from a famous paper on the relationship between the physical features of Playboy's playmates of the year and the economy.
My take on a popular visualization from FlowingData. It shows the wildfire-like spread of Walmart stores. My version uses a heatmap instead of individual icons per store.


If you would like to contact me, you can reach me at michael@michaelvandaniker.com or on Twitter @mvandani.