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Hit detection on graphics primitives: Speeding up the Parallel Coordinates Plot

In my last post I mentioned that I had rewritten the Parallel Coordinates Plot to achieve a pretty drastic speed up. Before I get into the graphics hit detection trick at the heart of the performance boost, I’d like to explain the problem with the original implementation. The main thing that dragged down the first […]

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Collaborating with BirdEye

BirdEye is a project that aims to be a comprehensive collection of visualization components, and I was recently asked to join the team.  I’ve added my components into the appropriate sub-projects; The Heat Map is in GeoVis and the Comparison Matrix and Parallel Coordinates Plot are in QaVis.  During the migration process I fixed a […]

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What I’m doing with my final semester

I’ll be receiving my MS degree in Computer Science at the end of this semester.  I finished my degree requirements last semester, but my timing on some of those requirements was a little funny, so I wasn’t eligible for graduation at the time.  In order to graduate this semester, the University requires that I be […]

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