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Memory leak caused by setTimeout

I have a Cairngorm-based application that polls a server for data every few seconds.  To do this I have a command that initiates the server request, and in the result handler I set a timeout.  When that timeout is up, I dispatch the event that is responsible for kicking off the command in the first […]

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HeatMap added to Google Code Repository

I’ve started a Google Code repository Github repository for all of my little experiments.  At the moment it just has the HeatMap component, but — baring any unforeseen circumstances — it will soon flourish.  You can check it out here.

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HeatMapping the Spread of WalMart

I recently came across a post on FlowingData with a visualization showing the growth of the WalMart chain over the years.  It’s very well done, but all those icons really clutter up the map.  The fact that they’re semi-transparent makes it possible to distinguish the dense areas from the sparse ones, but it’s difficult to […]

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How to make heat maps in Flex

Last semester I worked with Darya Filippova, Joonghoon Lee, Andreea Olea, and Krist Wongsuphasawat on a project for Ben Shneiderman’s Information Visualization course.  We took a subset of the accident data collected by the CATT Lab and built a tool to help figure out why certain stretches of road have a higher number of accidents […]

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