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How to check if you’re running a debug swf

There was a brief thread on flexcoders recently about how to check if an swf was built for debugging or for release.  With this check you can build all sorts of debugging diagnostics into your application and then compile an unaffected release build without changing any code. There is no built in way to perform […]

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Adding hints to Flex 3 MXML tags

ColdFusion tags can be annotated with the hint attribute, effectively creating a surrogate for single line comments. This is something I’ve wanted to be able to do in MXML for a while, and I’m glad to see the Gumbo specs include this feature in the form of private attributes.  If you can’t wait for Flex […]

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HeatMap added to Google Code Repository

I’ve started a Google Code repository Github repository for all of my little experiments.  At the moment it just has the HeatMap component, but — baring any unforeseen circumstances — it will soon flourish.  You can check it out here.

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HeatMapping the Spread of WalMart

I recently came across a post on FlowingData with a visualization showing the growth of the WalMart chain over the years.  It’s very well done, but all those icons really clutter up the map.  The fact that they’re semi-transparent makes it possible to distinguish the dense areas from the sparse ones, but it’s difficult to […]

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How to make heat maps in Flex

Last semester I worked with Darya Filippova, Joonghoon Lee, Andreea Olea, and Krist Wongsuphasawat on a project for Ben Shneiderman’s Information Visualization course.  We took a subset of the accident data collected by the CATT Lab and built a tool to help figure out why certain stretches of road have a higher number of accidents […]

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